Airbrush makeup

In recent decades, the airbrush tool has made its way both in body painting, as in face make-up. The make-up with the airbrush is at the forefront of bridal makeup. It is a high-level technique which comes directly from Hollywood. For those who want to learn, we organize courses on the whole Sicilian territory. The spray gun or airbrush, (ie air brush), thanks to a compressor - sprayer, fixes the makeup in a compact and uniform way on the skin eliminating the imperfections, with an excellent covering effect in case of skins with blemishes and discolorations, in addition to have a long duration. It can sometimes be a valuable tool as an alternative to traditional makeup done with brushes, sponges and fingers, as it is much more gentle and hygienic (since the face is hardly ever touched), for those who want a makeup that looks natural, but which is of high quality and definition, such as when you have to deal with a certain type of photography and video. So we can consider it particularly suitable for sensitive skin or make-up for men who are not accustomed to being handled by brushes and whatever. The gun comes in handy with its precise technique for redesigning (where applicable) a correct form (eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc..), Thus obtaining a complete and perfect make-up of the face It is therefore especially suitable for the performance of a bridal makeup, due to its characteristic to appear "natural" and for the long-term guarantee.