Professional Look Maker

In the private life and work life, the first visiting ticket is our image which we transmit, from the start, through our body,  face, clothes. And all this before our lips have been able to pronounce a word, even the most sunniest “good morning”! paying attention to our image increases our fascination, it makes us more ensure, it strengthens our character, and it helps us to transmit positive messages.

In my activity as a look maker or beauty consultant, I would like to improve your” image”, searching for a look of success, a personal style coherent with the inner side of yourself, a look that is at pace with time, but free of conditions of the actual fashion, because the look must speak of yourself.

This is the most fascinating challenge of my work: a careful choice of the lines, colors and accessories create the style that distinguishes your fascination and beauty.

This means, most of all, that together with me you’ll take complete knowledge of what you really are: analysis of the figure and of the wardrobe, school of make-up, analysis of the colors, “hair” consulting, training of style and behavior.

I became passionate  of the profession as a beauty consultant with the natural evolution as a hair stylist and make-up artist: the listening and paying attention to others, the sense of aesthetic and the taste for beauty, the passion for harmony, proportion and balance are all fundamental ingredients in this profession, born under the needs of show business, but today now important also in the daily life in each corner of Italy.

I have a dream which is already a project: to promote also in Sicily the benefits of a positive image and to create a network of consulting centers involving well-being and weight loss, nutritionists, dermatologists, surgeons and other professionals, all who have the same objectives, who know how to distinguish the inner and outer beauty in full harmony with wellness of one self and with others, without exaggerating with wrong models which the mass media continue to propose, a network that supports people who are in search of health which as Tommaso D’Aquino teaches us “ it’s not a status, but a behavior that grows on an equal pace with the oy of life”.

“Elegance does not mean being noticed, but being remembered” – Giorgio Armani.