Each face is unique, as unique and unrepeatable is the beauty of every woman ...


I started my career at 18 years old, attending a course of vocational training for hairdressers and beauticians at the headquarters of Palermo.

The age, experience and passion for this work,   as a passion as  a  professional Look maker it has created in me  a natural evolution of  skills of hair stylist and make-up artist.


The profession of hairdressing is a profession that allows us to offer a service where professionalism, commitment and creativity are essential to "be" now a "professional of beauty", capture the desires of a woman's beauty and then translate them into an image. This is precisely what makes me most proud of my work: to be able to offer my clients a full service Hair & Make-up, make me, in one word,  a "Look Maker."

Every woman has her own identity, her own tone, and color. There are women of  the warm color harmonies and cold chromatic harmonies, therefore, not everyone is comfortable with all.


The choice of a color, haircut, a style or wedding hairstyle should be chosen not only according to their own preferences, but taking into account, first, those which are the shape and proportions of the face. Only then can we appreciate the merits, balance proportions and disguise minor flaws, either through the makeup or the hairstyle.

If it’s for a birthday party, your wedding, a photo shot, or just a special event that day, she'll know what advice you need so to add value in  obtaining a new flawless look!