A dark stain, a small scar, a mole are small (or large) attacks on our beauty.

Camouflage techniques help to hide these skin blemishes and help to restore trust and confidence in ourselves.


What is it?

The Camouflage is a technique of cosmetics, disguising a problem, allows us to cover a blemish. This technique, however, should not be confused with the normal makeup. Although both are used in the correctors (like powder and foundation), the ultimate goal is totally different. If you use makeup to appear, the Camouflage is used to hide. In a few words, Camouflage is for those who do not want to be seen.


Where you can use the Camouflage?

The products of Camouflage can be applied in any area of the body from head to toe and is used indiscriminately as by women as by men on the areas you want to disguise with excellent results, greatly improving the appearance and morality.


Why is it used and when?

The corrective Camouflage  must hide imperfections in a discrete way, it must be simple to implement and must be easily reproduced at any time.

Its effectiveness is used to hide problems related to skin problems, such as active acne, COOUPEROSE, SUNSPOTS, chloasma, SCARS, BURNS but also for more complex problems such as: vitiligo (leucoderma), ANGIOMAS, PSORIASIS, TATTOOS or mask imperfections such as transient erythema and bruises caused by interventions of aesthetic medicine, for example in the case of dermo-abrasion, facelifts, rhinoplasty, plant-based collagen, hyaluronic acid or laser therapies. In fact, being able to hide a defect can help resolve many cases in which the person is not accepted by the more physical point of view, especially if the blemish is a sad memory of a traumatic event or an issue that was not previously appeared.


How long does the Camouflage last?

The duration of Camouflage must be at least a day and, therefore, the products used for the Camouflage must meet the following requirements: good coverage, variety of color and opacity, long-term (at least 12/24 hours), water resistant (waterproof), hypoallergenic to reduce the risk (if possible) to irritation and / or allergic reaction on sensitive skin and are not perfectly intact.


How to learn to apply the Camouflage?

Learning is easy and simple.

My advice, in fact, is not limited only to provide a home delivery service.

It goes well beyond the traditional concept of aesthetic makeup. My main goal is to offer an exclusive service, guiding you step by step in the various stages of the application to create a perfect camouflage. in this way, the customer will be able to repeat it on their own without difficulty.

For this reason it is important to learn color theory that in Camouflage is the basis of masking discolorations, that operates with contrasting colors or complementaries to cancel or reduce the chromatic effect we want to eliminate.

If it's a birthmark or rosacea, the color to use is green  that cancels shades of purple. Bluish tones are well camouflaged using the orange, for example in the case of hematoma. And the yellow should be used to cover the vitiligo or age spots.


How to remove the Camouflage?

To eliminate this kind of makeup we use a specific line of cleansing products, with an oily base that will serve as a deep cleansing.


Remember that the Camouflage is not a whim or a useless aesthetic practice. Its value is increasingly being recognized by the medical industry as well as therapeutic treatment to help psyche and the psychological well-being.