Born in Catania, under the sign of Pisces, what distinguishes her is her taste for beauty and a great creativity. Sonia starts her career at the age of 18, first by taking part in a professional training course for Hairdressers and that for a beautician, but the diploma for the hairdresser and beautician (1992-96) are not enough to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and the will for culture oushes her to continue with her studies, obtaining in this way a third diploma of "technical maturity for social activities" (2002). She then perfectioned her training with various specializing course such as makeup artist, look Maker, image consultant and Face Designer, also offering her art to Professional training companies.

"I believe that every kind of makeup is different and has it's own story. The choice of colours and shades are absoultely related yo whom is sitting in front of you. This is how you do a make up for each occasion: if it is for the morning or the evening, for a cocktail or the day of a wedding, for a professional photographic session in colours or black and white

Some have described me as a workaholic and I'm proud of this; for me work is a pleasure. When I'm doing makeup, I enjoy myself and it relaxes me, I let myself to be transported by an abstract pleasure which carries me into a dimension in which I can catch infinitive shades".

A passion for painting, in her free time she dedicates herself to painting on very special canvases: in the category Beauty you can see a complete collection of her works; various techniques including the one of Airbrush. Her muses are simple women, often young girls of the every day life, chosen by case, on which Sonia creates extraordinary works which she loves to define as"skin painting".

Apart from hairstyling, her skills go from a simple corrective makeup to airbrush makeup upto the "camouflage". Her activity flies from the makeup and hairstyling of a wedding day to the preparation of photographic services for magazines, catalogues, photo booking, events, fashion shows and cinematographic sets. She works in Catania and in Sicily, but she is also available to move in all of Italy in equipped locations or to equip makeup areas with portable makeup stations and accessories.

Sonia is also busy in the social, supporting various associations against violence on women, moments of volunteering with people struck by ictus.

"Makeup with these people has allowed me to grant them with a smile, making their meeting family more pleasant. Other times I experienced the therapeutic power of a corrective makeup which in a natural way hides the diffects more or less evident(spots, birthmarks, acne, burns, etc.). In this way I understood that my work could be useful not only to enlighten the authencity and merits of the face of a woman, but also as a real and proper psychological cure that helps one to accept their own difects and to live in a better way with themselves and with others. In change, to recieve a smile from a woman conscious about her authentity, more confident of herself, ready to face any kind of challenge that awaits her has absolutely no price and that can give me only an immense joy".

Teacher of "History and makeup styles" -"Course of basic and advanced Makeup", at public and private companies




Training Diego Della Palma


Stage of Total Look with Diego Dalla Palma, carried out after the conclusion of the Professional Course of Makeup at the Italian Training Accademy in Catania.

Teacher Melina Conforto. Taking part in one of the courses of Diego Dalla palma is certainly an unforgettable experience. Apart from the techniques of makeup, I can say that I have discovered a noble and sensitive man.



Training Stefano Anselmo


Stefano Anselmo is the master of make up, for me, an absolute genius in his sector-and this Stefano knows very well. His courses have been for me the most important, they allowed me to professionally grow and to acquire techniques that today I've made my own. Meeting the great master Anselmo has been the most fantastic experience of my life.



Training Enzo Esposito


The Airbrush is nothing else but the art of painting with the airbrush. To have theopportunity to participate in a course of airbrush of Enzo has been a great experience that has allowed me to learn from zero a new tool, infact the airbrush which gives wonderful effects. A high level technique which comes straight from Hollywood.

Thanks to spray-compressor the make up is fixed in a compact way which eliminates all difects. It is particularly ideal for the make up of a Bride, thanks for it's characteristics of "natural" and for the length of time that it guarantees.



Rita Parente


Sempiu Ripar of Rita Parente, is a school of top training in the beauty sector, which organizes courses of top specialization acknowledged by the United Europe. The Camouflage is a technique of make up used to hide the imperfections of the skin, such as: birth marks, rashes, sun marks, results of abrasions, acne, tatoos, results of scars, etc.used in the national and international territory. In the last years it's importance has increased quite much thanks to the major attention paid by men and women dedicated to their own aspect and personal image. This success is to be attributed to the professional skills of the teaching team, the teaching methods used which ensure the students a preparatio of a high level profile, thanks to the great integration of theory and practice. Sempiu Ripar is a training company of the Campania Region, the qualifications released after the passing of the final exam are valid in the whole United Europe.



Ce.S.For. - Ente di Formazione Professionale


The Ce.S.For, thanks to the success obtained in training and to the demand of training in the area of "theatre, cinematografic and events", for the month of November N. 4 courses of "Top Training" will be provided.